Child in Flight Recreational Therapy

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             We are local Respite Workers,Instructional Aides,and Living Skills professionals,etc that uses birds as a form of therapy. We retrain all birds. We have lots of attention to give.We work with Adults and children that have a spectrum of disabilities from Autism to Cerebral Palsy. Birds are used for therapy as well used as a calming method for behaviors. We rehabilitated and re trained the birds to work with the Consumers. The birds live a long and healthy life, their sol purpose is for companion ship. The birds get the attention they need and the consumers get what they need so you see it's a great trade. We visit Day Programs, Adult Programs, Classrooms, and Preschools all around the Sacramento Area. We have been  helping people and birds  for about 7 years know and have helped many children and adults deal with there anger and other issues. We use the birds as a calming/behavior modification method.It has been a great success. The birds require a lot a time as well as the children and Adults and this way both get what they need. Birds are for the sol purpose of companionship. The consumers enjoy the interaction they get from the birds as well as the birds do.   I always like to let everyone know that we are just people in the Field of working with the disabled and find this a great way for the birds and consumers to get the time and attention they need. There is no fee to place your bird /birds with us .No interviews just the attention the bird needs, There are no fees for someone to come visit your Day Program,respite program,your class ,etc.We are not a business or  Rescue. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in Volunteering or just would like to come and observe If there are any questions please research the issue on the net under (Animal Therapy) or contact us to answer questions, and please feel to come observe us in action. Also you can Google the company name Child in Flight to find out more info on the program.