Child in Flight Recreational Therapy

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   We take in unwanted birds that need a purpose and use them as a form of therapy and find homes where they are loved.

Our program is free to all that need it, and it is also free to place.
We have been helping the community for about 10 years now and we have helped many children and adults deal with there anger and other issues. We use the birds as a calming/behavior modification method. For the first three months the birds are with us, we retrain the birds if needed, and they learn to work with all the adaptive equipment that the consumers use.

It has been a great success. The birds require a lot a time as well as the consumers. This way both get what they need. Birds are for the soul purpose of companionship for the children and adults. When the bird comes into our program they are considered companion birds. The consumers enjoy the interaction they get from the birds as well as the birds do. I worked at a school for Autistic children before opening the aviaries as well as with other children/young adults with a great range of disabilities. Aviaries are run by me, at this time we have volunteers that come in and work with birds . Birds also go to work with the adults in day programs.  I always like to let everyone know that we are just people in the Field of working with the disabled and find this a great way for the birds and consumers to get the time and attention they need.  There's no fee to place your bird(s) with the program. No interviews just the attention they need. No one pays to use our program. Please contact me if you would like to attend and observe. Attached, is a link to a article that was done on the program also the program was featured in the Grapevine for Rancho Cordova.